Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Existence of Hell

Oh the great debate: Is there a hell. If so, what is hell?

A little bit of me pulling my "Miss Smarty Pants" routine here, the idoligy of hell having various circles comes from Dante's Inferno, which is part of the Devine Comedy. The Devine Comedy was not written as a comment on Christianity, rather, as a political satire.

In my lifetime, which I will admit is short in comparison to others, I've seen and heard a lot of depictions/theries as to what hell is.

  • The Silent Hill games switch from a depiction of a fiery horror fest to a frozen one. At the base of these hells is usually the character's denial of a hanous act and the torment of facing the truth.

  • Seriously, eww!
  • I'm going to say with about 75% confidence that it's the film What Dreams May Come that states, "Hell is where there is no hope".
  • Author Justin Ornez claims that hell is found in marketing. (Had to put in a little pimping for Sykosa since the tour is this week. This is where I prompt you to check the link. Honesty compels me to tell you I didn't exactly dig the book, but more on that later.) Click HERE to read his article about it.
  • The Bible speaks of hell fire and brimstone.
  • The film Dark Corners depicts hell as being forced to relive your misdeeds over and over again.
Now I pose the question to you, the reader. What is hell? Do you believe it's real?

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