Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Double Damn! #IWSG

There's a slight possibility I'll kill blogger for making my life difficult. I don't think I'm asking for much when I tell it to justify my paragraph and put the picture on the left hand side, but apparently this is difficult. Stupid non sentient entity screwing with me. Also, I apparently can't break up this paragraph in a logical manner, so please click "read more" in order to bypass the asshattery. 
Alright peeps, pulling double duty here so let's see how well I pull it off.

Firstly, working with D, secondly Insecure Writer's Support Group. Thus the Double Damn. Which prompts me to write of things that annoy the ever living crap out of me.
  • Exploding pens: What the crap is up with these? It's not bad enough to have to shift through a cup of pens trying to find one that actually works, but then the dang thing pops in my pocket. Stains and a useless instrument. No wonder people switched to computers. 
  • When I spend an hour writing an article and the computer decides to randomly select everything and delete it: Most annoying thing ever. Well, possibly not most annoying but seriously, what the hell?
  • Losing things: Nothing makes me go from 0 to psycho faster than losing something. 
  • Sunburns: This pale face is already lobster red and the season of heat has yet to hit full bloom. Time spent absorbing the natural brilliance of the universe should not be punished. 
Alright, so that's the short list. Now I open it up to you. 

What things drives you mad? 

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P.S. The #PhotoStoryCompetition only got one entry, but it's up. Stop by and give Tawn Krakowski some props for writing awesome. 
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