Monday, April 30, 2012

Books That Made Me Love Reading: The Sneetches

Almost forgot to due this challenge for April. AtoZ sucks a lot out of a girl. 

In favor of doing something that I can reread in less than an hour and then post about, I grabbed my nieces' copy of Dr. Seuss's Sneetches.

I must have read this book like million times when I was little. Of course I loved Dr.Seuss in all his capacities, but Sneetches was by far my favorite. 

I loved the justice of it all, how the Sneetches go back and forth about whether it's popular to have stars their bellies or not. Sylvester McMonkey McBean walks away with all their money and they're all left with mutated double star bellies. It's awesome.

Apparently the story was written as a social commentary about racism and in the end we all learn that no one is better than anyone else. Big Bird and Elmo have spent years trying to teach us what Dr. Seuss does in twelve minute of animation.

Case in point:

Thank you YouTube!

What books made you love reading?
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