Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Mutton Chops Debate

Yesterday my brother shows up in the kitchen sporting mutton chops.... mutton chops!

Me: What's with your face?

Dan: I'm growing mutton chops.

Me: Umm...

Dan: They work for Hugh Jackman.

Me: Because he's Hugh Jackman!

(Seriously, when you have metal claws you can get away with anything style you want.)

Dan: I'm bringing the style back.

Me: That's like trying to bring back the rat tail.

Dan: I make these work.

Me: I'm blogging about this. We'll see what the people on the internet say.... and Ted DOES NOT pull off the red cowboy boots.

NO! They're not OK! 

So, opinion time. What do you guys think? Are mutton chops pull offable?

What eccentric styles have you tried to pull off?

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