Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#IWSG: Untouched

Wow, Wednesday frickin' sneaked up on me. I almost didn't get this post out.
It's possible I should take Barney's
advice more often.
I'm going to go off on the "overwhelmed" tangent here. I've been feeling the pressure of how much there is to do. Not to mention my social life, which of late has consisted of me watching How I Met Your Mother with my siblings while my face is buried in the laptop fiercely trying to keep on top of things.

In all the excitement of social networking which includes:
  • Facebook (2 profiles and a fanpage)
  • Twitter
  • Good Reads
  • Blogging of course (2 blogs)
  • Keeping up with others blogs
  • Novel Publicity Author Karma (which is an excellent resource)
  • Fanpop (I generally think this counts as a time waster)
  • Pinterest
  • Google + (which I often forget I have an account)
  • Email
  • etc.
My WIP has remained untouched for a sad, sorry amount of time. It's starting to think I don' t love it... I'm starting to think I don't love it. 

OK, honestly it's like the  annoying sibling that's always begging you to spend time with them but you're always too busy. One day you realize they're all grown up and you missed it. Except my WIP can't grow up without me. 

The point is, the future will come and I don't want to realize I've lost all the opportunity I had. 

Alright, I'm done having my little breakdown. Enjoy this video of a kid throwing a tantrum.

How do you balance work, social networking and writing?

What time management tricks have you learned?

Do you feel impossibly overwhelmed?

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