Thursday, February 16, 2012

In 50 Years

OK, I'm totally referencing Transformers here. One, because Transformers is awesome. Two, because the cheesy little quote by Shia Labeouf (which you will see in the clip) actually has some weight to it. Unlike anything in movies 2 and 3, but I digress. 

Life is often made of moments which will either result in awesomeness or regret. I call bullshit on anyone who says, "I have no regrets, I have moments I've learned from".

Yes, it's good to learn from mistakes. Please avoid repeating them. But have regrets! Because those are the moments in which you know that if you could do it again, if you ever get another chance, you aren't going to screw it up. 

It hurts and frustrates so bad that it sticks. The lesson learned from breaking your arm is so much stronger than the one learned watching someone else break there arm. 

I encourage you to take a chance, get in the car. In fifty years, maybe be you'll have an amazing story.  


  1. Hey Emily :) I found you from Cassie's blog ;) Lovely to meet you, I look forward to your future posts - oh, I'm your 90th follower Yay :)

  2. Love the first Transformers and love his quote. So awesome. I have regrets too. Yes, I learn from them, but I tend to learn most things the hard way. Not my best trait.

    Awesome post. Very inspirational and TRUE! Get in the car! Whoo-hoo!


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