Friday, February 10, 2012

Emotional Flash Fiction

The final round of I'm Hearing Voices, and I'm totally posting late. 

I struggled with this challenge. It's hard to pick just one emotion for a character to be feeling. Usually my characters experience a range of emotions as they're going through any given situation. 

I kept going back in forth as to which character I wanted to work with from which story, or if  I just wanted to wing it. 

I finally decided to work with some characters from a newer project of mine. Hope you enjoy.

Serina clenched her hands on her skirt as Warwick entered the room. She felt herself self shrink with each step he took toward her.

"I suspect you've know for longer than me that the queen is with child," Warwick accused her, "Of course, it's not mine. This is an advantageous turn events." 

Serina's stomach dropped. What was he scheming? She tried to step back, but was already against the wall.

"The kingdom needs a heir of Wick blood. You have that," Warwick said pointing to her abdomen. 

Serina instinctively put a protective hand over the small bump that had just started showing. She had not thought of her child as being Warwick's. It was simply her child.

"What are you saying?" Serina's voice sounded stronger than she felt.

"The children will arrive near the same time by my calculations. They will be switched. I will have a legitimate heir and avoid the shame of an adulterous wife."

"You're going to take my child?" Serina felt her legs getting weak, nausea bit at her stomach. 

"I'm going to take my child and I'm magnanimous enough to leave you a child to raise in its place." Warwick glared at Serina. There would be no argument on the matter. Satisfied, Warwick turned and left.

Serina slumped on the floor, unable to hold herself up anymore. She shook all over as she pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them. 

"But it's my child," she whispered to herself.

Today I'm giving love to Angie's blog since I keep directing everyone to Cassie's and both are the lovely hosts of this blogity fun. So click HERE to check out her blog and get the hop. 


  1. From one Emily to another, good job.
    Being a mother, this played off my emotions. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your dialogue is perfect. I enjoyed it.

  3. That poor girl. TO have your child ripped away from you before its even born. Can't imagine.

    Well done!

  4. Hit me hard as a mother. Really good job Emily!

  5. Ohh, I'm aching to know what happens next. Like the others, this hit me, as a mother, and I'm hoping she'll figure out some way to keep her baby safe!!

  6. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I was a little nervous going with this one. It's my new pet project based on a really detailed dream I had.

  7. She has to be feeling absolute terror!!! Wonder job and really great dialogue :)

  8. I would so request a full...if I had the power. Love the premise.

  9. Man. I don't like Warwick. :( But I'm so interested in your story! I want to know the context!!

    1. Warwick is total scum. I think if you watched me write you'd see a scowl on my face every time he opens his mouth. I'm glad to see interest in this story though. Definitively motivates me to get it written. Thank you!


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