Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why is My Phone Smarter Than Me?

The set up: my old phone droped dead on me. No seriously, I droped it and a few hours later it was out cold. Lucky for me my mom had a perfictly good Motorola Charm she wasn't using. Yay! Forced into an android! Not like I hadn't been drolling over a smart phone anyway. 

The amazing thing about smart phones is how dumb they make you look, or how much they point out the fact that you ARE dumb. Either way...

I have this totally awesome new phone that I can post a blog from, but can't figure out how to call an existing contact from. Yup, I can see my friend's facebook status on my home screen but have to sort through like a hundred contacts who don't have phone numbers attached to them to send one text message. I'm awesomely inept. 

On that subject, I'll move onto the conversation my brother Dan and I had. Obviously this was before I had current phone.

Me: What does mom want to drink?
Dan: I don't know.
Me: Call her.
Dan: I don't have my phone.
Me: Here, use mine.
Dan: I can't figure out how to use this.
Me: It tells you how to unlock it.
Dan: I have a smart phone. I'm not used to your dumb phone.
Me: So your smart phone has made you dumb when it comes to using a regular phone?

Small victory for me on that one.

What issues have you had with your smart and/or dumb phones?


  1. Being a bit of a techno geek when it comes to certain things, I had to have an android phone as soon as they came out. So I am pretty much well adjusted to the technology. The thing I can't get over is that the development process for apps is open source giving you near limitless potential... what should we do with this power? How about ten thousand applications that make fart noises!

  2. I bet I can find ten thousand apps that make fart noises too.

  3. I believe my smart phone is the dumbest smart phone ever created. Most days I am tempted to smash it (accidentally, of course) with a hammer so I can get my old phone back.

  4. Thanks for joining the IWSG! Looking forward to your first post on January 4.

  5. I have no probs with my phone, but some people injure themselves laughing at how old and ungeeky it is.


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