Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where I was When I was Cheating on You

Tuesday: I was playing under the #PhotoStoryCompetition tab posting a new prompt. 

Thursday: I was having an emotional breakdown/ doc hopping to find relief for back pain. Back still hurts like hell. No inspiration for you this past week. Sorry.

Friday: I was trying to face plant for the day but my boss decided I should be at work for some reason :S Not like she pays me to be there or anything. I loaded up on pain killers and stared glossy eyed at a bunch of minis rather than blogging. 
Turns out I can do my job rather well when doped up. I just can't poor milk. (BTW the painkillers are prescribed and being used as directed so don't freak out).

Saturday: I was going to post the entries for the #PhotoStoryCompetition but only had one entry. Lame. 

Sunday: I was here! Posting some #SundaySunnies to brighten your week. 

Monday: I was here! Posting about #UnitedABC (check out the tab). 

Which Leaves Us With Today!

Check out the #PhotoStoryCompetition tab. There you'll find this week's submissions. Leave your comments and try to sway the judges opinion for your favorite story!

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