Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halo is the Killer of Love

Love doesn't mean a thing when you get in the
way of my bullet
My sister Sara and her boyfriend Grant like to play Halo together, but it tends to bring out the worst in them. This, of course, inspires me to copy down every word they say and blog about it. Enjoy :)

Grant: “Whatever, I’ve already been dubbed the killer of love.”
Sara: “You are the killer of love. You totally shot me in the head.”
Grant: “You ran in front of my bullet”
Sara: “You were snipping, you should’ve been able to see that I was going after the bad guy”

Grant: “Hold on I have a low battery pack”
Sara: “I don’t care”
Grant: “You’re going to care when I’m trying to save your butt and I can’t because I have a low battery pack”
Sara: “You don’t save my butt, you shoot my butt.”

Grant: “I think I just jumped on top of you”
Sara: “You totally just jumped on top of me”

Sara: “I held my fire when I saw you. Imagine that.”
Grant: “I’m not shooting at you, I’m shooting over you”

Sara: “Ha ha, I just blew myself up”

Sara: “This game is all about Karma. Everyone else was shooting and I decided to go sight seeing and fell off a cliff”

Grant: “You flipped the truck. What did I tell you?”
Sara: “You told me a I can’t drive because I’m a woman then I shot you and proved you right”

Sara: “Wait, is this a bad guy in front of me”
Grant: “Why don’t you shoot him and find out”
Sara: “I think he’s a good guy”
Grant: “Me too”

Sara: “Yay! Objective achieved. I died twice.”

Sara: “I’m totally going to shoot you in the chest.”
Grant: “Did you just say something about pooping on my chest”

Sara: “I don’t know how to drive it”
Grant: “Well you want to drive it not ride it so, you know, get in the driver’s seat”

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