Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Only Need Inspiration on Days That End In Y: Ink

My brother and his wife sat me down and had me watch a movie titled Ink. It is simply one of the more amazing films I've seen lately. And yes, I cried. I'm getting weaker as I get older I think.

Cute isn't she?
You watched the trailer right? I won't lie, this is one of those films where if you blink, you miss something and you're lost. However, if you pay attention you are rewarded with awesome.

A brief summery: Emma, an 8-year-old girl, has her soul stolen by Ink. 

Who is Ink? A lost soul looking to buy his way in with the incubus. If you know your mythology you know that these guys are evil S.O.Bs. 
Ink is not so cute

A desperate race against time ensues as Emma's guardian angles work from both worlds to get her soul back to her body. 

Enter half crazy blind guy who pisses everyone off. Emma's angels have to follow him in order to save Emma. He says that the key to saving Emma lies with her self-absorbed father (who's lost custody of her). 

Emma's father, John, is in a desperate race of his own to seal a deal that will keep his company from going under. Upon hearing that Emma has suffered a seizure and is in I.C.U, very likely to die, he decides the company is more important than his daughter. Yeah, he's a real winner. 

The angles really have their work cut out for them. If you pay attention in the trailer, however, you will see John praying over Emma at the hospital whilst in the background one angel holds off a whole herd of incubus. That's where I cried. 

The following clip is the lead up to that scene. Sadly, I couldn't find a clip that covered that part in particular without giving too much away. 

Here's why I found this film inspiring. What wars are waged on our behalf that we're not even aware of?

Whether you're religious or not, there are battles being fought on your behalf. It could be a co-worker sticking up for you without you ever being aware that anyone had a problem with you at work. It could be a family member taking the fall so you don't have to. How could we possibly know about these quiet acts of sacrifice? 

It's comforting to know that there are those who have our back, especially when we're not aware of it. It's also a kick in the pants to realize that if others are fighting so hard for us, if others believe in us so much, we have an obligation to them. We need to fight for ourselves as fervently as others do.

Have you ever been surprised to find out that someone was fighting for you?

What are things that inspire you?  

For more information about Ink click here.


  1. I like the sound of it very much. I like the fact that there are people that think about the life and death struggles that go on for our sakes that we never notice, imagine or hear about.

    If only we really know about how important each one of us are. ;D

    Thank you, great entry!

  2. Thank you. The film was definitly thought provoking. Being religious myself I went to bed more thankful for the forces I believe keep me safe.


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