Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apparently Ice Cream and Cereal are Diet Foods

I realize that today marks a national tragedy and somewhere there's a moral obligation as an American to write some sort of tribute about 9/11, but it's really not my thing. Perhaps the greatest tribute to those who have passed though is living our own individual lives to the fullest potential and taking joy in each day we are given. We owe it to ourselves, and our lives, simple, sometimes dull or awkward, randomly hilarious and often heart breaking but honest day to day living are how we honor those who have passed before us. 

In that light, I'm continuing with the original plan of launching the Sunnies. A little extra light and humor taken from my day to day living. After all, life is a funny thing.

For the past few months my body has been doing this insane thing when it comes to food. I'll be hungry, but most everything I look at makes me want to gag. So not like me. There's a reason I have a voluptuous figure. I love food. Anyhow, all I've really wanted is ice cream, cereal, chicken nuggets and curly fries. 

Somehow, in the last month or so of having this go on, I've lost 15 pounds. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just dumbfounded. Part of me worries that it might be muscle weight, except I have been maintaining my usual level of physical activity. 

All and all I think I prefer to think of it as a physical manifestation of the emotional baggage I've been dumping lately. Let me explain:

For quiet some time I've dealt with depression. I always figured it was circumstantial and would go away when I got to where I wanted to be and life became a little better. I won't go into detail doing a sob song about the woes of me, but sometimes things suck and that's life.

Last year I thought I'd hit the fabled rock bottom and started in on a bottle of Vodka. That particular solution was thankfully short lived and never repeated. A few months later I was engaged, thought things were going to be that better life I'd dreamed of. That ended and was left worse off than were I had been before. A new rock bottom. That's when I realized there was no rock bottom. It's something I've written about before. When you're stuck in a sink hole, you either claw like mad to make your way up or you keep sinking. So I started clawing.

I saw a doctor, got back to my passion, immersed myself in accomplishing a national accreditation to make myself more valuable in my work field, returned to the church I had grown up in (not to be preachy here, it's just what's right for me) etc. etc. etc. Everyone around me has been commenting, "You're so much happier since...." The since part is filled in with a long list of things I've changed. I mostly respond, "Or it could be the medication".

I've reworked the way I look at things. Life is what I have now, not something that I'll eventually get. No more compromises or shying over decisions for fear of offending others. In my life, I worry about my joy. I love whatever I want, whoever I want, and I honestly love both. After all, why bother with something that I only moderately like, why trifle with the dull or mediocre? I am extraordinary, why act like I'm anything else? I mean, I did manage to lose weight eating crap food, which I love. 

How are you extraordinary?

What accomplishments have you made that surprised you?

How do you incorporate joy into your life?
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