Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Serious Question

I was sitting with my friend Tony when I realized that there was a question I needed to ask him.

Me: Tony, I have question I've been meaning to ask you.

Tony: (Looking a little puzzled and possibly worried) OK?

Me: If there were a robot apocalypse would you be able to kill a bear so we could have something to eat.

Tony: (Thinking for a second) Yeah, I could probably do that. It depends on what kind of bear. There are black bears, brown bears polar bears-

Me: See, this is why I like you.

Tony: The Russians had a bomber they named the Bear.

Me: I don't think we can eat a bomber. That's not the type of bear I was talking about.

<-- This

Not this -->

Tony: We could use it to start a fire and stay warm.

Me: Or you could just kill a real bear and we could use it's skin to stay warm and, you know, eat it.

I spent the next few minutes listening to Tony talk about bombs. The good news is; in theory, as long as the bear isn't a bomb,I know someone who can kill it and thusly won't starve during the robot apocalypse.


  1. Out of curiosity, how would you kill the bear? ;)

  2. Personally I'd use a gun. Though I'm not very good with shot guns which would probably be most effective. Though if talking about bear bombers, that would require a much bigger gun :)


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