Monday, September 19, 2011

Holy Life Exploding!

Firstly, I'd like it noted that it takes me three hours to NOT write a blog. Secondly, holy crap. When it rains it pours is inaccurate. More like when it rains it's a frickin' monsoon and the whole village gets swept away.

I am going to whine a little bit here because I haven't gotten a thing done except for cry a lot and read random articles. Also been sleeping and seeing a chiropractor my insurance doesn't want to pay for. Would've been nice to know before I was like four appointments away from treatment being over! Stupid insurance. 

To come to a point, people of the blogosphere, you haven't been the only ones neglected. My responsible self has taken a back seat to the one who wants to stab people with forks (please don't go thinking this would actually happen. I value not having a criminal record) and wonders if her dose of Zoloft is too low. And I've just come to the realization that the pants I threw willy nilly on the floor still have a dollar in them that I never did discover the owner to. Crap. 
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