Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Stuff! Do I Have Your Attention?...

Everybody look to the right of your screen, see the Party Panther? He's there to tell you that on September 23rd there will be a Milestone Party rocking here for the Life List Club. 

That means a giveaway :) In fact, if you're a good bloghopper there are several giveaways including free books, short stories from up and coming authors, etc. To keep you in suspense, and to get you coming back throughout the upcoming week, I'll be posting more information on who's giving away what as it gets closer to the 23rd. 

So what am I giving away? 

I'm giving away a five-piece photo set  (4X6) by Kate Moir @katefatal. The photos are from her Serial Killer series and include representations of: 

You can get a sneak peak at what you could win on her website katemoirphotography

A little something more to wet your appetite: 
This is one of Kate's Lion Tamer photos from her upcoming show Cirque de la Ruche at The Hive Gallery October 7th 6:00 pm-10:00pm. 

You can also fan Kate on facebook for updates on her work and showings and check out her blog.

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