Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving on! Huzzah!

Hurray for me! After months... oh wait um... weeks.. What? You mean I can't take back my statement and make myself look good? OK fine, months of staring at the dreaded chapter three I have moved on in my edits.

I broke down and realized the need for outside help. I was lucky enough to have help that was actually useful, though I'm sure when I go through everything again it will be retweeked, but hey, that's writing for you. 

Anyhow, the point is that I'm now caught up to everything that I have typed. I'm back to transcribing from my good old stone age notebook. I love me my notebooks :) This is major progress. I'm so glad I'm back to writing. It really does flow when you force yourself to JUST WRITE. Doesn't matter what. You make yourself write everyday and all the sudden your brain is capable of writing what you want it to. Amazing how that works!

How's everyone else doing in their projects?


  1. Woot! I know what you mean and I agree
    It feels good to dive back in, doesn't it?

  2. It's definitly feels good to dive back in. A writer is only half a person when not writing.


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