Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rising to the Challenge

In books it’s always easy to follow the path to adventure and greatness. Well, not necessarily easy. Sacrifice is required, blood often shed; but the characters follow a natural path. Why then, is it impossible in real life? Why is it that if we heard a voice calling to us to find a sacred sword and lead a band of underground deities to safety so they can take their rightful place and restore balance to the world our first reaction would be to see a therapist? OK, so we’ll never have that experience (at least not have it be healthy for us), but are we not called to adventure, sacrifice and greatness everyday? In every task we do, is there not a chance to excel at it, to be truly great? Is there not a little adventure in achieving that?

In case you didn’t catch it, I just challenged you. Why? Because as the author I get to antagonize you. So the question is do you rise to the challenge? Or do you go running to your therapist?


  1. I strive to rise to the challenges that will improve my life or my world, to walk away from the challenges that are more trouble than they are worth (and will take time away from the ones that matter), and to be smart enough to know the difference. Notice I said "strive" - I know I don't always totally achieve that : ).

  2. I think the striving is the important part. Along with knowing what's worth striving for.


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