Friday, February 26, 2010


I ran across some amazing advice in Jack M. Bickham's book The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes... His first chapter is all about avoiding excuses. He suggested that you get a calendar and everyday you write down how long you worked and how far you got. For everyday you don't work on your writing, you have to write an entire page of excuses.

Well, I've been working everyday since I read that (although today I'm having difficulty locating my flash drive. I think I might know where it is though... fingers crossed). Chapter two (which three previous redraftings could not make me stop hating) is finally coming together thanks to some wonderful suggestions from the lovely and talented people in my writing group.

I know there's advice flying left and right about not being too critical of your own work, but at the same time, ultimately you're the one who knows whether or not something is working. I'm just glad that I can finally feel that at least the first part of that chapter is working... now for the rest of it, curse having left the flash drive at home!
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